Lee Hyori Gives Advice on Raising Self-Esteem

Singer Lee Hyori featured as a guest on makeup artist Hong Hyun Jung’s recent YouTube video in which a viewer/fan asked the singer for some advice. The question that was presented to Lee Hyori was about how to raise self-esteem and Lee Hyori replied that she had very low self-esteem, which left many surprised at her very unexpected answer.

She talked about how usually those who have low self-esteem usually have high self-esteem, and that those with seemingly high self-esteem usually have low self-esteem. She said that the reasoning behind this was, because people with low self-esteem always try to present themselves to look like they have high self-esteem but those with high self-esteem don’t act like it because it’s already at a high point.

What are your thoughts on Lee Hyori’s stance on self-esteem?

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