Apink’s Naeun’s Forgiving Heart Towards Her Most Notorious Hater

Like many K-pop idols, Apink’s Son Naeun has been a victim of malicious comments and anonymous online haters throughout her career.

The attack of hate went so far to the point where she filed a lawsuit back in June of 2019, against a hater who had constantly been harassing her with vile and negative comments all over her social media accounts and throughout the internet.

Though the police was able to track down and identify this specific hater who was responsible for the years worth of hate, on November 8th, Son Naeun’s lawyer revealed that she has decided to not pursue her case after finding out that the individual was suffering from a mental disorder and is now being hospitalized and treated. The lawyer also stated that the hater’s family sincerely apologized to Son Naeun and her agency for all the trouble their son had caused.

Son Naeun’s decision of the dropping the case has made many fans upset. Though the fans were proud of her for being the bigger person in this case, they couldn’t quite understand why she had decided to completely drop the case. Many of the fans are entirely convinced that her forgiveness is going to lead to the haters never learning from their mistakes.

What are your opinions on Son Naeun’s decision? Do you agree with her or would you side with her fans?

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