BTS Jungkook Was Involved In A Minor Car Crash

BTS Jungkook was involved in a car accident last week on November 2nd, involving Jungkook and a taxicab in the Hannam district of Seoul. Thankfully, both parties did not sustain any major injuries, and were just left with a bit of bruising.

The Korea Herald has shared the news of BTS Jungkook’s accident, and also stated that Jungkook was not drunk at the time of the accident and that it was solely due to his violation of a traffic law.

According to Big Hit Entertainment’s statement, they expressed their apologies to ARMYs for causing concerns, and said that Jungkook admitted to his wrongs and violating traffic laws.

After the news of the incident was released, many fans on Twitter began expressing their well wishes and the #Jungkookweloveyou took over.


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