BTS Fans Express Their Creativity as Edits of V Went Viral on Twitter

Every Halloween, stan culture shows the innovativeness of fans through various creative outlets. This year, BTS fans expressed their creativity by using V as their subject.

Because V was dressed as The Joker in one Bangtan bomb 5 years back, a fan created a video of V as The Joker, telling the story of his ‘transformation’, that went viral on Twitter.


Once the video went viral, fans started the #Taelloween event, in which many more edited photos and videos of BTS V were posted, showcasing him as The Joker, goth, and even Harley Quinn.


But the best was yet to come, as BTS themselves, uploaded videos through TikTok wishing fans a Happy Halloween with their own edited videos.

From Halloween to Taelloween, we’re definitely looking forward to what’s in store for us next year!
In the meantime, you can see more of BTS here:

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