Train to Busan – One of the most popular Korean films of all time

<Train to Busan> broke the world’s expectations in 2019 and showed that the common Hollywood zombie movie genre can be done differently when created in an Asian setting. The film tells a story of a fierce struggle of survival onboard a train from Seoul to Busan amid the spread of an unidentified virus spreading across the country. Receiving enthusiastic responses across the globe for its visual intensity and captivating story-telling, <Train to Busan> received praise both in Korea and abroad, even receiving an invite to Cannes Film Festival before its release in July 2016.

<Train to Busan> features a variety of passengers esperately moving to survive in the limited space of a running train. Ma Dong-seok, who plays Sanghwa in the movie, beats the zombies to a pulp with his bare fists, leaving a strong impression on domestic and foreign audiences. Take a break from your typical Hollywood zombie movies and experience a fresh new take with <Train to Busan> now on OnDemandKorea.

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