The Suspect – An extreme action movie starring Gong-yoo!

<The Suspect> is the first attempt at a full-scale action film from actor Gong-yoo, who has captivated women around the world with his mellow charm. Even while being released in December 2013, at the same time as <The Attorney>, <The Suspect> managed to surprise us all at the box office with over 4 million tickets sold.

<The Suspect>, directed by Won Shin-yeon, the director of <Memoir of a Murderer> and <The Battle: Roar to Victory>, unravels the story of Ji Dong-chol, a defected North Korean elite special agent who has witnessed a murder but is labeled as a suspect. Gong Yoo plays the role of Ji Dong-cheol while showing intense action scenes on the pursuit of the murderer of his family. To prepare for this movie Gong-yoo received rigorous training like car-chasing, rock-climbing, and dangerous stunts like jumping from heights into a river, all of which he performed himself. The stunts were of such high-risk that Gong Yoo’s mother pleaded for him to never make a movie like this again after seeing the making of these scenes.

Receiving high praise from both critics and the general audience for having written a new chapter in Korean action film history, this film is a must-watch for all thrill-seekers. If you’re curious as to what all the hype was about, go check out Gong Yoo’s transformation into a action hero from the North in <The Suspect> on OnDemandKorea today.

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