The Front Line – A War Film from a Different Perspective!

<The Front Line> is a war film directed by Jang Hoon, the director that moved 10 million viewers with his last work <A Taxi Driver>. Contrary to your typical war movie that portray scenes of fierce firefights, <The Front Line> focuses on those left on the front line of “Koji” against the backdrop of an ending war. Amongst the difficult truce negotiation in February 1953 Kang Joong-wi (Shin Ha-kyun), who has been ordered to track a traitor of the Korean People’s Army is reunited with his friend Soo-hyung (Gosoo), who had thought he had died after heading to the Eastern front.

Rather than focusing on the conflict between South and North Korea, <The Front Line> emphasizes the horrors of war by showing the change of character that occurs in a fight to survive. This story ensues over a fight over a small piece of land not even 1cm long on a map with a continuous give and take between the North and the South. This extraordinary story of <The Front Line> shines even more due to the creative writing of writer Park Sang-yeon, the writer for <Joint-Security-Area JSA>, who wrote her this movie after a 11 year break. With this solid narrative that focuses on the hidden side of the war, the movie perfectly portrays the battlefield of Goji in the Korean war, giving a vivid look through a different perspective. If you haven’t had the thrill and excitement of seeing <The Front Line> come on over to OnDemandKorea Movies to watch for free!

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