New World – A groundbreaking film that set a new bar for Korean crime movies

Just by hearing the famous quote “What a good day to die,” this movie immediately comes to mind to anyone who has watched it. Given high praise as the movie that pioneered the Korean noire genre, <New World> shook 4.6 million movie-goers in 2013 with its gruesome yet thrilling storytelling. The film portrays a power struggle between “Gold Moon” the largest criminal organization in Korea and the police in a world of conspiracy, betrayal and loyalty. The legendary actors Lee Jung-jae, Choi Min-sik, and Hwang Jung-min meet for the first on screen to showcase a performance that evokes a chilling tension throughout the movie partnered with pleasant smiles in its moments of comedic relief.

<New World> shows a rough and heartless world of crime, leaving you breathless throughout the 134 minutes of playtime. Park Hoon-jung, widely acknowledged for his role as the screenplay writer on <I Saw the Devil> handled the script and casting for this movie, completing a dense narrative.  The story playfully unwraps a very grey world view of good and evil, distinguishing itself from existing crime dramas. In <New World> the characters dance between the blurred lines of good and evil with their interactions of brotherhood, betrayal, and blood. For those who have seen the movie, indulge once again on this flawless and intense narrative for another round on the emotional roller-coaster ride that is <New World>, and for those who haven’t… go see this movie immediately.

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